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Our history

Parfums Artimique is a new independent perfume house founded in Venice. Our mission is to capture memories, stories and emotions and transform them into elegant and timeless products; combining knowledge and quality of classic fragrances of the past with originality and modernity. We aim at creating an eclectic collection of products, able to enhance beauty and well-being and be a source of inspiration for people, in compliance with the values ​​of quality, craftsmanship, simplicity, and innovation. Artimique perfumes are conceived as a second skin, the place where one feels to belong, the element to complete one's way of being. All our formulas are the result of the slow alchemical fusion of creativity, art and chemistry, hence the name of the brand, "art" + "chimique". The entire creative and production process is and is fully coordinated by Sara. Her scientific training allows her to share the same language as the "noses", made up of raw materials, formulas, facets and olfactory families. So the relationship with perfumers becomes more direct, in full respect of the original intuition. We are constantly looking for the best natural ingredients and collaborate closely with suppliers  at the heart of the industry in Grasse. Where possible whe choose innovative technologies for the extraction of raw materials (for ex. supercritical co2 which ensures low environmental impact and greater biodegradability). Equal attention is paid to the use of new synthetic molecules to reduce the environmental impact. For ex. we Ambrox DL, an eco-ingredient made using a green chemical synthesis which seeks to tackle shortage of clary sage.

Selected Italian partners complete the production chain, with a view to supporting local realities and avoiding unnecessary transport. We limit our use of non-recyclable material wherever we can and our packaging is FSC certified - meaning it comes from sources which promote ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. We are, at heart, artisans. Crafting our perfumes with a combination of Italian tradition, French savoir-faire, and memory itself to create the unique.

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