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About me


As a child, Sara Marzocchini used to play in her family’s small perfumery. Her Tuscan father and Venetian mother would give her perfume samples to experiment with, from which she conjured mixtures that she called, “Magic.” And remembrance of these magical childhood elixirs led her to conceive: Parfums Artimique. Of course, her dreams from childhood are only part of Sara’s story. She also undertook to obtain all the skills needed to become an expert parfumier, each step building towards her goal. A diploma from scientific high school led to a degree in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies; expertise which she employed as she attended the prestigious summer school of perfumery GIP in Grasse. Still, Sara felt there was more to learn and while working as a pharmacist she spent all her spare time training, researching, experimenting with scent as well as visiting a traditional apothecary and perfume laboratory in Florence to learn all she could about their local scent-making techniques. Only then did Sara believe she had the knowledge and proficiency to launch her own line of fragrances. Where does inspiration come from? The world around her. Everything has a story to tell, something to add to the magical stories imbued in a fragrance. And Venice has so much to draw from: art, beauty, and the emotions which this unique city invokes in all who visit it. Add to that Sara’s scent-memories from her upbringing: winter in the countryside on the edge of the Venetian lagoon, summers baking in the sun’s blaze on Elba and the fragrant hills of Tuscany. All of these combine with an expert knowledge of classic fragrances to produce, Parfums Artimique.

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